Paul Pantone - Inventor prisoner - early 2007 Paul Pantone was railroaded through a series of bizarre legal maneuvers by powerful and corrupt conspirators into a State Mental Hospital in Provo Utah where he resides today.   He's supposed to be incompetent for claiming that one can fuel a car with mostly water using his system and for not getting along with fired attorneys under Utah Code 77-15-5(4-5) who betrayed him.  Never mind the over 200 GEET devices in the US currently running on mostly water.
Paul Pantone 2007
 Inventor prisoner

How did this happen?  In the year 2000, Paul Pantone was offered many millions of dollars to sell off his rights to GEET.  Paul was clearly threatened that there would be serious consequences to his future if he did not.

What is Paul's real crime against "the system"?   Perhaps it is refusing to sell out, refusing to cash in and sell his patents, his company and his life's work for possible shelving - whatever the cost to him personally.

So Paul suffered horrendous persecution promised by a powerful Utah political machine determined to make him "go away".  He has lost millions in the battle.   He had no money left for effective legal representation.   Strategic rumors had been intentionally spread in sensitive situations accusing Paul of unspeakable acts in order to incite horrific treatment against him by officers of the law and others.    On occasion Paul was secretly drugged.   He was set up and framed for securities fraud.  Paul Pantone's  major "victim" in the securities fraud case has been under investigation by the IRS for illegal offshore tax shelter activity involving over a million dollars.

Paul was also betrayed by a spouse with a secret history of drug abuse the state may have used as leverage to have her get Paul arrested for violating a non existent protective order after giving false testimony and committing numerous acts of perjury against Paul in open court.

He was betrayed by lawyers pretending to represent him (without a contract to secure their loyalty), ultimately working for patent infringing enemies or others building a corrupt case to destroy Paul.  Paul's health has drastically deteriorated.  Gil Athaty- A former defense attorney fired by Paul Pantone
Gil Athay - A former defense
attorney fired by Pantone

Attorneys for the state have tried to have Paul legally and forcefully medicated with a Big Pharma cocktail of psychotropic drugs likely to permanently destroy his brilliant mind and credibility.

Was there an ongoing conspiracy to coordinate and support the various attacks against Paul and harass him to death with endlessly abusive "legal" maneuvers?  We've seen enough to convince us that this is true.

His lawyer, Gil Athay, negated his duty to inform Paul in a proper and timely manner, about an important court hearing Paul needed to attend in July 2005.  Paul didn't find out abut that hearing until several days after it was too late.   Athay's neglect damaged Paul's reputation to the court.  A warrant was issued for Paul's arrest.  Thanks to the efforts of Paul's son David, you can now hear this example of how Athay hurt his own client, Paul.  Would you trust a lawyer who did this to you?

After becoming financially destitute from years of legal battles, unable to pay what his lawyer demanded, and after threats were made to prosecute Paul's wife for substance abuse issues,  Pantone reluctantly accepted a plea bargain agreement under duress in October 2004.    When Paul revealed to the court that he had accepted this plea bargain under duress a year later, the judge shelved the agreement.  The wheels of injustice were rolling.

In December 2005, Judge Royal Hansen sentenced Paul to 120 days in the county jail.  Then this Alice in Wonderland Utah judge declared that Paul doesn't get along with his lawyers therefore he is not competent to receive sentencing (even though he was serving his sentence) and would be detained indefinitely under Utah Code 77-15-5(4-5) at the Utah State Mental Hospital. 

Under this law, when you no longer trust you attorney and you become reluctant to work with him,  you can be said to have a delusional or paranoid mental disorder and you can be put away. Your attorney can encourage the court do this to you, especially if he suspects he was about to be prosecuted for overbilling by his client (Paul Pantone).  The court need not consider how much trust your attorney really deserves. Judge Royal Hansen refused to recognize that Paul's old lawyers betrayed him. 

Pantone was double booked.  He served his 120 day sentence in the county jail.  Then he was railroaded by the court to the Mental hospital at Provo where he is being held indefinitely. Significant evidence showing Pantone is sane has not been allowed in court. To date, Pantone has already served his sentence over nine times.

In July 2006, GEET users from all over the nation appeared at a hearing in Judge Hansen's court as grass roots evidence that Paul's GEET technology to run an engine or generator on mostly water - was real and not a delusion (as had been alleged by a corrupt court psychologist unqualified to make such assertions).

Justin Heideman- A Utah attorney who can't be corrupted. The Paul Pantone Defense Project secured an independent attorney in February of 2007.  His name is Justin Heideman.  We were thoroughly convinced Justin was capable of effectively representing Paul Pantone.  Justin became an integral member of our team.
Justin Heideman

At an April 18, 2007 hearing, Judge Hansen refused to let Heideman represent Pantone despite pleas from Paul's friend with durable power of attorney. The judge ordered Loren Weiss, an overworked reluctant public defender to continue to represent Pantone.  

Then Judge Hansen tried to pacify Pantone's angry supporters by appointing the good lawyer Heideman only as a "friend of the court" with very limited powers to effectively help Pantone.  You can listen to an mp3 audio file of that hearing by clicking here.

Under Utah Code 63G-7-301(5)(b) Judge Hansen currently enjoys immunity from prosecution for his disturbing actions in this matter.

On June 8, 2007 judge Royal Hansen ordered forced psychotropic medication of Paul Pantone. despite strong evidence that destructive side effects to Paul's hepatitus C damaged liver could kill Mr. Pantone. 

We appealed the judge's ruling, and forced psychotropic medication was blocked..

Reluctant public defender Loren Weiss was released from the case.  Public defenders Joan Watt and Karen Stam were assigned to represent Paul Pantone against his wishes and despite the fact that they have a conflict of interest in representing Paul Pantone. Gil Athay,  Paul's fired attorney who turned against him, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Salt Lake Legal Defenders Association.  This is the organization that Karen Stam and Joan Watt work for.

On Thursday, October 18, 2007, Judge Hansen had said he would rule as to who would be Pantone's official new attorney after Loren Weiss's resignation.  One of the new temporary public defenders had belligerently bragged to Pantone before the hearing that Heideman was about to be history.  This didn't happen. The judge instead decided to study the matter further and address the matter again on December 11, 2007..

A federal jury case filed against the judge by members of the Paul Pantone Defense Project moments before the hearing for choice of attorney civil rights violations may have encouraged Judge Royal Hansen to reconsider his agenda for Paul Pantone - at least temporarily.

Lawyer Heideman had been getting along just fine with Pantone for over 9 months.  Hansen couldn't maintain official kangaroo court justification to keep Pantone locked up as incompetent in the mental ward unless Hansen continued to ignore Heideman's working relationship with Pantone and block Heideman from officially representing Pantone..  If Hansen let Heideman officially represent Pantone, the court would have to acknowledge that Paul is competent (getting along with his attorney) removing all remaining rationale to keep Paul locked up indefinitely in the mental ward.  The court might then have to face the open embarrassment that a competent man had been locked up and abused at the Mental Hospital for many months.

So Royal Hansen never let Heideman officially represent Pantone..

By December 11, Judge Royal Hansen may have been counting on government friends to make sure he would never be served with timely official notice of the federal jury civil rights action.  Members of our grass roots Paul Pantone Defense Project did their homework, dotted their i's, crossed their' t's in court procedures, paperwork and served Hansen with official notice of the federal action themselves.

A stunned Royal Hansen again decided  to stall a ruling and study the matter further as to who will become Pantone's official attorney.  Hansen allowed Heideman to enter evidence of caregiver abuse against Paul Pantone into the court record without challenge.  A new court date was set for January 9, 2008.

In September 2007, Paul was seen by an Endodontist outside of the Utah State Hospital. This doctor told Paul he could restore most of Paul's maltreated teeth.  The USH has not approved any return visits to this doctor, and still wants to extract most of his teeth with an in house dentist.  Never mind the damage, it's cheaper.  Dental decay has been rapid since September from the untreated infections and lowered immunity.  Paul has lost several more teeth and doesn't have many left to chew with.

In October 2007 after over 18 months of waiting, a foot surgeon refused to treat Paul's broken foot after he saw the various untreated infections on his body. Since Paul had been put on antibiotics several times and had been taken off the antibiotics each time in mid treatment, there was also a concern that this level of medical malpractice at the Utah State Hospital has made Paul's hepatitis C and other diseases, resistant to the medications and a potential candidate to develop a lethal level of MRSA.

Utah State Hosptal - Forensic Unit 
Utah State Hospital - Forensic Unit - A place of medical
torture and neglect for prisoners like Paul Pantone.

Paul Pantone finally received badly needed foot surgery in November 2007 even though there was some risks of complications arising from his other untreated infections.  Healing was intermittent, slow and painful due to infrequently changed bandages and an oversized walker forced on him by USH staff against doctor's orders.

The Utah State Hospital never did treat Paul Pantone for the hepatitis C he acquired ear;ly in his 3 year incarceration, due partly to his refusal to take their dangerous psychotropic drugs to permanently dull his mind. These drugs would also have been toxic to Paul's hepatitis infected liver.  Under these conditions, death from their drugs was a real possibility.  Despite enormous physical and psychological pressure from the attorney general. the judge, hospital staff and compromised public defenders, Paul's appeal against court ordered forced "mediation" did empower him to successfully defy the State's desire for forced injections of the deadly psychotropics. 

Judge Stephen L. Hansen of Utah District 4 in Provo did not wish to rule on charges of caregiver neglect by the Utah State Hospital against Paul Pantone.  The Hearing date has not been set.  Stephen Hansen may be a cousin to Royal Hansen. 

Paul Pantone is now free.  Pantone's unrelenting daily march toward murder at the hands of the Utah State Hospital is history.  Thank you to all who helped.  Please pray for other victims enduring abuse and neglect at the Utah State Hospital.