You can take a peek at Judge Royal I Hansen's Corporation and Hansen's corporate business associates by clicking here.

Paul Pantone has just his GEET Single Auto plans to the world for free personal use.  You can download the plans in pdf form from    here  or from   as a back up.  Conditions for use of the plans per Paul are as follows:

In 1999 Paul Pantone gave the small engine plans away on the internet. This gift was to prove to any person they could build a GEET. It was granted as a gift for personal use only. Many people violated the use as it was granted for engines smaller than 20 horsepower.  It would be now proper for all of you who built one to send the knowledge you gained to the inventor, Paul Pantone at his mail

Now 10 years later Paul and his son David are granting permission to mankind for the use on personal auto and tractors.  This is not any right to manufacture, distribute or infringe on the commercial rights without a specific license to do so.  These plans are being prepared and will be posted at  They may not be put on any other website for distribution for 6 months from the date of donation. They remain copyright  protected.

The plans will be posted between now and September 15th, of this year. They will be posted in increments. You may feel free to make one free unit per family.

If the inventor is supported by you for this endeavor, then the generosity will flow even faster.  Should you seek all of the scientific explanations as to why it works, it is not in a science book yet. The science behind GEET is only taught in GEET schools that are operated by GEET through license.

Paul Pantone is scheduled to make his first public appearance in 3 years at Tesla Tech's Extraordinary Technology conference where Paul's GEET technology will be featured, July 30 - August 2, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Click here for details.

On May 12, 2009 Judge Royal Hansen un-recused himself from the case.  Another new lawyer (Grant Morrison) hired by relentless Geet Friends stood by ready to challenge more civil rights violations.  A new attorney general prosecutor (replacement) asked for Paul Pantone's released.  A stunned Judge Royal Hansen ordered Pantone's release. Third District Courthouse West JOrdan Utah
Third District Courthouse
West Jordan Utah
Judge Royal I Hansen Earlier on January 9, 2008 Judge Royal I. Hansen decided to recuse himself from the case (at least for awhile) after being  served in December 2007 by members of the Paul Pantone Defense Project with a recuse motion because of civil rights violations made by Hansen against Paul Pantone including Hanesn's refusal to allow Pantone to have the attorney of his choice

A determination regarding Hansen's actions is yet to be heard at a later date by a jury in federal court.
Judge Hansen

As mentioned above, you can take a peek at Judge Royal I Hansen's Corporation and Hansen's corporate business associates by clicking here.

Caregiver neglect and medical abuse by the Utah State Hospital against Paul Pantone was set aside be Judge Stephen L. Hansen on January 7, 2008 in a Provo Utah District 4 courtroom. 

You can hear these court proceedings on our Media Clips page.  We do not know when the next hearing will take place.

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