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If you would like to learn more about GEET, here are some websites you can visit.

Paul Pantone's Official Website

Backup PDF excerpt  of  before it was suppressed.

GEET PowerPoint Presentations
Introduction to GEET    Intro PDF      The GEET Reactor     Reactor PDF

This website

GEET Plans

Free GEET plans you can use to convert a small engine

GEET conversion plans you can purchase on the Internet for automobiles and other devices

Related Websites

GEET reference websites in France

French GEET analysis & tests   Rough English Translation  backup french pdf<--English
              Rough English Translation     French pdf

German Links

German 2003 Conference "Technologies for Fuel Optimizing"
Day 1 (GEET)    Day 2

GEET User Experiences

GEET Letters of Support
Clarence Close     Letters from Paul's website

Other Links
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