Paul Pantone is free.  Now what ?


Here's what you can do to help.

Action Item # 1

Please pray for this grass roots defense project team to acquire divine encouragement, inspiration and empowerment in order to effectively help Paul to move forward in restoring his life and help free other suffering victims of inventor abuse.

Action Item # 2

We believe that further corrupt efforts to skew the legal process in order to destroy Paul Pantone and other abused inventors, can be minimized by public presence in the courtroom.  Here's how you can help.

Please join us at the next court hearing.  We'll post the next hearing here when there is one.

Action Item # 3

The Paul Pantone Defense Fund needs donations via check to further our work.  Our lawyers have been great.  They have  been very compassionate and conservative in their billing, but they need to eat too and get paid.  We really need your help on this one.  Please send whatever you can to:

Paul Pantone
P. O. Box 1842
Duncan, OK  73534

Action Item # 4

Boycott Utah and/or demand legislative change

We're hoping a boycott will be an effective strategy for those who live outside Utah to make a difference.  Demanding legislative change is a necessary strategy for every concerned citizen.

As we have mentioned, under  Utah Code 63G-7-301(5)(b)  state employees (including judges) can engage in the following activities against Utah citizens and visitors with immunity from state prosecution:

assault, battery, false imprisonment, false arrest, malicious prosecution, intentional trespass, abuse of process, libel, slander, deceit, interference with contract rights, infliction of mental anguish, or violation of civil rights
This is how a judge like Royal Hansen can deny Paul Pantone and others their basic civil rights and get away with it ... at least for now.

Even though Paul Pantone is free, the above law really really needs to be abolished.

We do not recommend visiting Utah as long as this law is in effect.  Tourists aren't safe.  For example, under this law, you could be publicly beaten by a policeman without just cause.  The policeman can lie and say he never beat you.  Even if you prove that the policeman beat you without just cause, he can still get away with it. This law is an open invitation for talented psychopaths to eventually entrench themselves in key positions of Utah government .... if they haven't done so already.

Please contact the following individuals and mention that you will be telling everyone you know not to visit Utah until  Utah Code 63G-7-301(5)(b)  is repealed, and the state stops railroading sane individuals like Paul Pantone to the Utah State Hospital.

Utah Office of Tourism
 Leigh von der Esch 
 Managing Director
(801) 538-1370
 Ralph Becker
 Mayor, Salt Lake City
(801) 535-7704
 Jon Huntsman, Jr.
 Governor of Utah 
PO Box 142220
Salt Lake City, UT   U.S.A
(801) 538-1000
(801) 705-2464
(801) 538-1133 Fax
Dave Roberts
Dir. of Business Development
Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
(801) 328-5076
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints
(801) 240-1000

Here are Utah legislators you can email to demand a repeal of Utah Code 63G-7-301(5)(b) Note - Microsoft Outlook users may have to change the commas between email addresses below to semi-colons after you cut and past them to Outlook.

Email Addresses for Utah State Senate & House Legislative Leaders,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Email Addresses for other members of the Utah State Senate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Email addresses for other members of the Utah State Housse of Representatives,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  Action Item # 5

Please call or write Judge Royal Hansen and ask him to step down from the bench and retire as this would be a great public service to the citizens of Utah.

Judge Royal I. Hansen                (801) 233-9700
Third District Courthouse
8080 South Redwood Road
West Jordan, UT  84088

Please email us at  if you do not receive a certified receipt back from Paul Pantone.

Action Item # 6

Please tell others about Paul's story and encourage others to stand against inventor abuse.

Action Item # 7 

We encourage bloggers and webmasters to also spread the word about Paul Pantone & GEET.  Here is a web banner you can use to link to us at

www.geetfriends.met  Home of the Paul Pantone Defense Project and advocates to eliminate inventor abuse.

Action Item # 8

Paul Pantone Defense Project Hotline
A Cyber Home for Sharing GEET Stories


If you are a GEET user, and you are comfortable in sharing your experience with the general public, please call our hotline and tell your GEET story to the world.  Please leave a message on the hotline introducing yourself.  You can use your first name only if you are not comfortable sharing your full name.  We'll process your voice mail recording to try and spread your message to others here on the internet and elsewhere.  Please also tell us what state you are calling from and then briefly tell us about your GEET experience. What type of car  have you adapted with GEET?  How old is the car?  Can you tell us what your gas mileage has been like before and after GEET?  How has the exhaust changed?    Are you satisfied with GEET?

You can email digital pictures of yourself and/or your GEET device to  if you would like us to include the pictures with your oral testimony on this website.  Please be sure to reference your voice mail message when you email pictures to us so we can match your voice message to your pictures.

Thank you GEET users for your support.  Your testimony can help save Paul & the planet as it helps to convince the world and the courts despite numerous obstacles, that GEET is real.