GEET Modified Generator
GEET Modified Generator 
Successful GEET Test on Geo Metro
Successful GEET Test
on Geo Metro
Successful GEET  Chevy 350 CID Motor
Successful GEET  Chevy 350 CID Motor

IHundreds of Paul's GEET devices are in use today in the US and beyond.  Cars modified with the GEET system can expect a mileage increase of 20 % - 800 % depending on a number of factors.  GEET modifications will often reduce a vehicles toxic emissions and greenhouse gasses by more than 90 %.  GEET modified cars are legal to drive in many, but not all US states.  That needs to change. The conspirators have worked diligently to destroy Paul Pantone and yet Paul lives on. We at the Paul Pantone Defense Project are committed to free Paul Pantone - an American Hero