Framed inventor Paul Pantone was finally released from the Utah State (Mental) Hospital on May 12, 2009 thanks to relentless pressure from Paul's GEET Friends world wide.

Paul is currently residing outside the state of Utah.  HIs mind and spirit are intact.  Hi is cheerfully recovering from the physical damages inflicted on him and is finally receiving treatment for the hepatitis C  he was exposed to over 3 years ago at the Utah State Hospital.

Paul Pantone lectureing several years ago.
  Paul Pantone several years ago.


You can take a peek at Judge Royal I Hansen's Corporation and Hansen's corporate business associates by clicking here.

Paul Pantone has his GEET Single Auto plans to the world for free personal use.  You can download the plans in pdf form .  Conditions for use of the plans per Paul are as follows:

In 1999 Paul Pantone gave the small engine plans away on the internet. This gift was to prove to any person they could build a GEET. It was granted as a gift for personal use only. Many people violated the use as it was granted for engines smaller than 20 horsepower.  It would be now proper for all of you who built one to send the knowledge you gained to the inventor, Paul Pantone at his mail

Now 10 years later Paul and his son David are granting permission to mankind for the use on personal auto and tractors.  This is not any right to manufacture, distribute or infringe on the commercial rights without a specific license to do so.  These plans are being prepared and will be posted at  They may not be put on any other website for distribution for 6 months from the date of donation. They remain copyright  protected.

The plans will be posted between now and September 15th, of this year. They will be posted in increments. You may feel free to make one free unit per family.

If the inventor is supported by you for this endeavor, then the generosity will flow even faster.  Should you seek all of the scientific explanations as to why it works, it is not in a science book yet. The science behind GEET is only taught in GEET schools that are operated by GEET through license.

Paul Pantone will make his only publicly scheduled appearance in 2009 at Tesla Tech's Extraordinary Technology conference, July 30 - August 2, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Click here for more information.

Pantone never surrendered patents.  He never compromised his dignity.  All physical and psychological attempts by the State of Utah to break Paul Pantone and force medicate him with harmful psychotropic drugs were successfully blocked.    Details can be found in the News section and at  .

Thank you to all our GEETT Friends world wide who helped to fuel Paul's release despite enormous barriers.  You have made a real difference.

Paul Pantone is an American hero who has survived horrific inventor abuse by corrupt Utah officials and businessmen.

Paul Pantone is the ruthlessly persecuted inventor and developer of systematic experimental engines & generator modifications intended to double or triple gas mileage as they reduce greenhouse gasses & pollutants by over 90 %.   Paul Pantone's energy efficiency system is called GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology).  Mr. Pantone has been developing it for 20 years

When Pantone refused to sell out on his patents and technology, he was framed for securities fraud and railroaded to a mental ward at the Utah State Hospital in March of 2006 where he was dying from intentional medical and caregiver neglect.  Significant public intervention helped to free Pantone and very possibly save his life.  Paul's GEET Friends made a difference.

The next hearing regarding federal charges of civil right's violations by Judge Royal I Hansen against Paul Pantone, has yet to be determined.  Details can be found in the NEWS section of this website when available.